Primary School

What is ABC?

The workshops deliver invaluable life lessons through a lively exploration of the quirks, foibles and music of the world’s greatest composers, building character, celebrating difference and encouraging a creative education.

97% positive feedback from children & teachers

In 2015 our founder and creative director set about to create a cross-curricular experience that would develop children’s skills in a holistic manner through his knowledge and passion of opera.

What to Expect

  • Pupils and teachers are taken on an interactive 500 year adventure as they turn the key and open TRUNK.
  • Warm-ups both physical and vocal, to engage and prepare the children.
  • Encouragement of creativity through the use of performance, storytelling, stagecraft, costumes, games and props.
  • The excitement of a visit from a trained classical singer and accompanist who perform live in the school with your pupils.
  • An opportunity for the children to perform to the school, their families and the wider community.
  • Inclusive and immersive for all schools, targeting all ages and abilities.
  • Through exploration and play, children are able to express their feelings more confidently and creatively.
  • Explore languages and communication.
  • Linking world history, geography, health and well being and social developments against a backdrop of music and laughter many aspects of the curriculum are explored including number, language, design and creative writing.
  • Groups of up to 40 pupils engage in a performance led approach facilitated by two professional musicians, an opera singer and an accompanist.
  • The workshop runs for 2.5 hours fitting in alongside the school’s timetable.
  • Our approach demands and delivers exceptional pupil participation whether as individuals or in groups.

Alongside the workshops ABC also offers an exciting teachers resource pack, which we hope will capture your imagination whilst supporting you in creating a creative classroom.

The pack is designed so that you are enlightened to the world of opera and introduced to the fascinating characters, amazing sounds, fantastical ideas and memorable compositions that live within this barmy world.

You will explore languages and communication, an investigation of time and place, an appreciation of music, instruments, composers and performers with enough activities that build steadily on children’s knowledge and interest to culminate in a performance.​It requires no prior knowledge from you, but for those who are experts, you too will have an exciting journey.

You will also have a fortnightly message from Professor Peri the inventor of opera and the Headmaster of The Academy of Barmy Composers with extra challenges along the way.

For the children

Hold on to your hats, get ready to be shocked and prepare for a rollercoaster ride of antics in the company of Professor Peri, Jack and Megan when you dive head first into the first ABC of Opera book – BAROQUE, where nothing is quite as it seems.

Available in English and Welsh.

For families

All that’s left to say is… enjoy! The activities will engage children and hopefully take you along with them on this exciting journey. Listen to classical music at home or if you are able to watch some opera scenes together on youtube – try re-creating some on Tik tok – such fun!​ And learn with your children.

So, spin the globe, book your workshop and believe