Guildhall School of Music & Drama and ABC of Opera

Training and Workshop Program 2020/21

Funded by Dovedale Charity No. 1170157

Following on from the success of the ABC of opera workshops the GSMD are joining forces and embarking on an exciting collaboration. The program “ANY BODY CAN” will centre around live music and performance provided by undergraduate and post graduate students at the GSMD. We will travel the globe and find stories that have a significance to our young learners. Discover the richness and importance of music and celebrate individuality e.g., Einstein played violin; Jane Austen played piano; Charlie Chaplin composer; Ivan the Terrible a poet and composer, Bob Marley was a great soccer player, Neil Armstrong first astronaut to walk on the moon played the baritone horn. Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone played the piano, Charles Dickens, English writer played the accordion etc.

The GSMD students and young learners will:

  • Confidently share their talents
  • Demonstrating and encouraging the natural joy of music making.
    Collaborate with young learners.
  • Deliver something that a classroom teacher (non-music specialism) can continue.
  • Lead inclusive activities with children engaging with their imaginations and physically

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Teachers Resource Pack

From October 2020 and responding to demand from teachers, an online resource pack will be available delivering a years’ worth of creative activities for primary schools. Developed by teachers for teachers, this will support the six areas of learning and experience: expressive arts, health and well-being, humanities, languages, literacy, communication, numeracy, science and technology. Through this new exciting resource pack, we hope to capture your imagination whilst supporting you through the new curriculum.

Practice, prepare and participate

You will investigate time and place, discover an appreciation of music, instruments, composers and performers with enough activities that build steadily on children’s knowledge and interest to culminate in a final performance to share with the school and families.

  • It requires no prior knowledge from you, but for those who are experts, you too will have an exciting journey.
  • You will also have a fortnightly message from Professor Peri the inventor of opera and the Headmaster of The Academy of Barmy Composers with extra challenges along the way.

For the children: Hold on to your hats as you prepare for a rollecoster ride of antics from the Academy of Barmy Composers. You will have fun learning songs, games, drawing to music, sign language, tongue twisters, yoga and so much more.

For Families: The activities will engage children and hopefully take you along with them on this exciting journey. Listen to classical music at home or if you are able to watch some opera scenes together on youtube – try re-creating some on Tik tok – such fun! Have your own copy of The Academy of Barmy Composers books so that you can all learn together.

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