The ABC of Opera: Baroque

The ABC of Opera

Where did it all begin,
The stories and the glories of the Opera?
Everyone love to sing!


Top class – a page-turner

Terry Deary – Author Horrible Histories

The Academy

In no time at all, the new friends were hovering in the warm Florentine air and ready to take their final turn.
‘I can smell pizza,’ Jack shouted. ‘I LOVE PIZZA!’

‘Opera is an Italian word meaning “work”…’

‘Don’t worry, it’s not like algebra (93=180-z),’ Peri went on.
‘Opera is where amazing stories are brought to life with beautiful music.’


…it’s colourful, informative and riotously unstuffy.

BBC Music Magazine

The Opera Heroes

‘The Academy of Barmy Composers!’ chorused the children.
‘More than that,’ Francesca replied, still smiling. ‘A – Any, B – Body, C – Can, when they believe in themselves!’